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Fadhia Carmelle Marcelin is an actress and producer who was born in the Caribbean and lives in Los Angeles.  She's had the opportunity to work on different projects from film and television, web series, and theatre.  She has dipped her toes in production throughout her time in LA: with her film collective 7Thieves, to projects with friends, and plays at the Art of Acting Studio.  

She is a bit of a tomboy with a big laugh, who loves to tell stories.  "Come play with me in the world of make-believe," Fadhia likes to to say when it comes to acting.  Bringing life to different people and stories through acting, is what she loves to do.  She strives to be part of stories that need to be told and voices that need to be heard. 

When not acting, Fadhia enjoys eating out with friends, belting out her favorite list of songs at karaoke, painting, and spending time with her bubbs. 

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